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Smart Press Release Distribution

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Searching for a national press release distribution service that sends your press release to the right people, at the right price? With more than 100,000 opt-in journalists and a relationship with the largest and most-respected newswire, we'll get your press release directly to the desktops of journalists, freelance writers, and bloggers.

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Questions? If you have questions about placing an order, call us at: +1 410-931-2966 (or +1 800-710-5535) 7AM-7PM Eastern Time Zone Monday through Friday.

All orders must be prepaid. We accept all major credit cards.

Writing can be added to any distribution for an additional fee.

NewswireLite $249

  • PR Newswire custom national distribution
  • 400 words
  • Does not include eReleases' subscribing journalists
  • One industry or local target chosen by PR Newswire editors, at their sole discretion.
  • Buzz Builder $299

  • All Newswire Lite Distribution features
  • National distribution to subscribing journalists
  • 400 words & one target (your choice)
  • WireWatch - your news guaranteed on 75+ media sites
  • Newsmaker $399

  • All Buzz Builder Distribution features
  • Premium news outlets via PR Newswire
  • 500 words & two targets
  • WireWatch - your news guaranteed on 100+ media sites
  • PR Pro $499

  • All Newsmaker features
  • 600 words & three targets
  • PRTrue List of journalists
  • WireWatch - your news guaranteed on 150+ media sites